Snap Syllabus

Snap Syllabus

This class is about learning how to use Snap, but it's also about learning more about yourself. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of who you are and what makes you unique.

Course name: Snap

Course number: SPS4201

Course description: This course is designed to help students learn how to use Snap for mobile devices. Students will explore the basics of creating a project and exporting it from the tool, then they'll create an app from scratch using the components available in Snap. After completing this course, students should be able to create apps using the default templates provided by Snap and understand how they can customize those apps further by adding additional components or changing their appearance through stylesheets. The course will also teach you how to publish your applications on different platforms such as Android and iOS using Xcode & Android Studio respectively (if applicable). You'll work with real-world tasks that demonstrate what you've learned throughout this class so that when you're done with this course (and hopefully have some cool apps), people might actually want them!


Snap is a course on how to build software. It's designed for developers who want to learn how to program in Python, but it's also useful for non-technical people who want to get started with computer science.

The course has two main goals: First, it will teach you what programming is and why it matters; second, it will give you the tools necessary for writing your own programs as well as making them available for others to use or modify. You'll start by learning about some basic concepts like variables and conditionals before moving on into more advanced topics such as inheritance patterns or object-oriented design principles (OOP). Along the way there are plenty of hands-on exercises where we'll practice what we've learned so far!

Goals of the course

This course is designed to give students an understanding of the Snap platform, its core applications and how they work together. It will also help you get started with creating new applications on top of the Snap app platform.

Understanding basic programming concepts (like variables, control structures etc.) The timeline for this course is: 1 day/week (3 hours)

The learning objectives are: * Learn about the architecture and design principles behind Snap's application ecosystem.* Learn how to build custom apps using Swift 3 language features.* Learn how *to create reusable components that can be reused across multiple projects in your portfolio.*

How long the class will last (hours per week)?

What are the instructor's expectations for students?

What should students bring to class (ideas, questions)?

How to ask questions

Ask questions. Use the question tags to ask your instructor or TA questions about a course topic, as well as other topics that you don't understand.

Get help from other students. If you're having trouble with an assignment and need help from another student on campus, ask them! They may be able to point you in the right direction or even offer some suggestions for the problem area based on their experience with similar assignments.

What you will learn

You will learn:

Basic Apps

Basic Camera Features

How to take a picture, add effects and text in your pictures

What you will get out of this class

As a student in the Snap class, you will learn about creating apps for the Android platform. You will also get insight into how to write efficient Java code and use it to create an app that does something useful. This can be a valuable skill for anyone who wants to work with Android or iOS devices in their job, whether as an iOS developer or as an Android developer who wants to switch platforms from time-to-time.

The goal of this course is not only teaching students how they can use their knowledge at work but also helping them become better programmers overall by learning how software engineering works under the hood (and why). The best part? There's no homework!

What you need to do to succeed in this class

Take notes. This class is a lot of information, and you'll need to be able to absorb it all.

Review the material in class. It's important that you understand everything that we covered in class before moving onto the next topic or assignment. If something was confusing, ask questions! We're happy to help!

Ask questions when you don't understand something—but please do so politely! Our teachers are here for your benefit and will do their best to explain things as clearly as possible.* Participate in class discussions—it makes everyone else look better when they ask questions too!

If you want to learn more about X, see these resources. You may want to bookmark them.

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There are a few takeaways from this article:

Snap is an extremely valuable tool for managing your business. If you use it, make sure to keep track of what's happening on the platform and how it impacts your business.

It's important to keep an eye out for new features being added by Snap as well as new products that may be coming soon.

The course is designed to help you learn about Snap, the core NLP and AI technology platform. This course will provide an overview of all of the major concepts, algorithms and techniques in Snap. We will also introduce some advanced topics like deep learning and reinforcement learning that are important for understanding how computers work.

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