What is Embryo Glue & Its Role in IVF?

Embryo Glue is a specialized Embryo Transfer (ET) medium enriched with hyaluronan, designed to assist in the implantation of embryos. It improves pregnancy rates in IVF-ET cycles (IVF-ET).

What is Embryo Glue? 

Embryo Glue is a special liquid used in IVF procedures to help the embryo stick better to the inside of the womb. It's like a liquid that makes it easier for the baby to be attached to the wall of the womb. This can make it more likely for the pregnancy to work. Shivam IVF offers Best IVF Treatment in Delhi with our main motive is to help couples who are yet to become a parent.

Who Should Use Embryo Glue?

People who had trouble getting pregnant before or tried IVF many times might find Embryo Glue helpful. Also, if you have certain health issues that could make it hard for the embryo to stick inside the womb, Embryo Glue might be a good choice. But it's best to talk to a fertility doctor to decide if it's right for you.
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Embryo Glue's Job in IVF

In IVF, after eggs and sperm meet in a lab, the embryos grow outside the body. Then doctors put the embryos back into the womb. For this to work, the embryo must attach securely to the womb, which is called Implantation. This is where Embryo Glue comes in. It helps the embryo attach better and increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Advantages of Embryo Glue in IVF

✅  Better Attachment: Embryo Glue can make it easier for the embryo to stick inside the womb, which can lead to a successful pregnancy.

✅  Higher Success Rates: IVF doesn't always work, but Embryo Glue might make it more likely to work, especially if you had trouble getting pregnant before.

✅  Personalized Care: Fertility doctors can use Embryo Glue based on your needs, giving you more targeted support for better results.

Risks of Embryo Glue in IVF

While Embryo Glue can be helpful, it's important to know about possible problems. Sometimes people can have allergic reactions to it or it might not be used correctly which could cause issues. Connect with Shivam IVF which is a Best IVF Centre in Delhi who can perform these activities successfully for you.

The Cost of Embryo Glue in IVF in Delhi

Using Embryo Glue in IVF can add extra costs, it may vary. The final cost depends on the clinic, the doctors, how complicated the IVF is and other tests you might need. Remember, this cost is on top of the regular IVF expenses.

How Long Does Embryo Glue Work?

Embryo Glue is important during the early stages of pregnancy to help the embryo stick to the womb. But after that, it doesn't have a big role. It doesn't affect the baby's long-term growth; it just helps with the early attachment.

Can Embryo Glue Prevent Ectopic Pregnancy?

No, Embryo Glue can't stop ectopic pregnancies. These happen when the embryo attaches outside the womb, often in the fallopian tubes. Ectopic pregnancies have their own reasons and aren't connected to using Embryo Glue. If you're worried about ectopic pregnancy, talk to your fertility doctor about your risks.

Why Choose Shivam IVF Centre for Embryo Glue IVF Treatment?

Shivam IVF Infertility Clinic is a trusted place for IVF and it is the best IVF Hospital Delhi including Embryo Glue. Here's why they stand out:

✅  Experienced Team: They have skilled doctors who know a lot about fertility treatments.

✅  Modern Facilities: Their clinic has advanced equipment and technology for better success.

✅  Caring Approach: They focus on your well-being, not just the medical stuff.

✅  Personalized Plans: They create unique treatment plans that fit your needs, using techniques like Embryo Glue when it's right.

✅  Success Record: They have a good history of helping people have babies.


Embryo Glue can make IVF more successful, but it also has costs and limits. Shivam IVF is a great choice for fertility treatments because it is the best Infertility Clinic in Delhi. They provide both advanced medical care and emotional support. Remember, it's important to research and talk to experts when making decisions about your health and family.


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