A Letter to Stoner Santa

A Letter to Stoner Santa A Letter to Stoner Santa A Letter to Stoner Santa A Letter to Stoner Santa

A Letter to Stoner Santa

Please don't forget me this year!


Dear Santa,

I hope this letter finds you well up in your frosty wonderland. So, let’s talk business, or rather, let’s chat bubblers! I’ve been exceptionally good this year and that’s not just by my own account — a few elves can vouch for it. So, for my Christmas gift, could you please slide the K.Haring Glass Bubbler down my chimney? Not literally, of course, it’s made from borosilicate glass, so please be gentle!

Here’s why I’m excited about it. It measures 5.8" W x 5.8" D x 6.5" H of sheer craftsmanship, featuring an 8-Slit Showerhead Percolator as its pièce de résistance. The Bubbler represents the cozy union of street art and smoking culture, something we both know I’m pretty passionate about.

It’s not just any bubbler, Santa. It’s got iconic Keith Haring artwork, hand-applied, heat-resistant designs, and a bell-shaped construction. Not to mention, a fixed bowl and downstem, plus a large bowl capacity — talk about an all-in-one package! And to top it all off, it has an ergonomic grip for ease of handling and a wide, sturdy base for good ‘ol stability — no wobbling on the Christmas table!

But here’s the real clincher — it’s more than just a bubbler; it’s a timeless masterpiece. With Haring’s strong, fluid lines and emotive power, it’s a showpiece that’ll impress the hoof socks off Rudolph and the gang.

I promise to take good care of it, Santa. It even comes in a durable box with Haring’s signature and dynamic imagery, perfect for safe and secure storage. So, what do you say, old chap? Can you make this bubbler dream come true? I promise to leave extra special cookies out this year!

With all the jingle bell cheer,

Mr. B.

Merryjuana Christmas