NC veteran Lee Yong-chan

“In baseball, pitchers are originally at an advantage, but it is becoming more and more disadvantageous.”

NC Dinos Lee Yong-chan.

“Baseball is a sport where pitchers have an advantage, but it is becoming more and more disadvantageous.”

NC Dinos’ veteran pitcher Lee Yong-chan (35) said this. It was an answer to a question about the impact of the pitch clock and the so-called 'robot referee', which are likely to be introduced in the new season.

Lee Yong-chan is a veteran who debuted with the Doosan Bears in 2008 and played 15 seasons until 2023. He has appeared in exactly 500 games in his personal career, and has pitched 998⅓ innings, so he is likely to surpass 1,000 innings early in the new season. 카지노사이트

Although he is a veteran who has experienced many hardships, including starting and closing positions and winning the Korean Series, the changes in the new season are unfamiliar.

Ahead of the 2024 season, the KBO League is promoting the introduction of pitch clocks and automatic ball and strike judgment systems (ABS) for reasons such as rapid game progress and trust through accurate decisions. The final decision on whether to introduce it will be made at the executive committee (heads' meeting) that will be held soon.

Lee Yong-chan said about this, “I’ve thought a lot about pitch clocks and robot umpires, but I think it will make it difficult for pitchers.”

He said, “In the case of the pitch clock, the check limit is more disadvantageous to the pitcher than the time limit. “This is my first time using the strike zone machine judgment, and I think it will have an impact,” he said. “Of course, I will have to experience it in spring camp, but I think pitchers’ records will decline and batters and runners will improve.”

He added, “I think pitchers are becoming more and more at a disadvantage.”

The thoughts of others were not much different. NC captain Son Ah-seop said, “In the case of the pitch clock, batters also have a time limit, so players with long routine movements may have a psychological impact,” but added, “I think it will have a big impact on pitchers overall. “Because the conditions are the same, the team that adapts quickly will have an advantage.”

Kim Hyeong-jun, a catcher who is both a batter and catches the pitcher's ball, said, “I think it will be okay if we adapt to robot umpires because they are fair to everyone.”

However, “I think there will be a lot of pressure because the pitch clock has a tempo that pitchers have been used to. “I think I will have to adapt quickly starting from camp,” he said. 슬롯

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