Honkai Star Rail 1.6 Update: New Features and Enhancements

The upcoming release of the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update, titled "Crown of the Mundane and Divine," is generating excitement among players. It promises a wave of content and optimizations aiming to enhance the gaming experience for trailblazers. The update expands daily training


The approaching release of the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update, titled "Crown of the Mundane and Divine," is generating excitement among players. The update promises to bring a fresh wave of content and significant optimizations, aiming to elevate the gaming experience for trailblazers. The recently unveiled Voice of the Galaxy Vol. 6 blog post by the developers at Hoyoverse has shed light on the various features and improvements that await players.

Expansion of Daily Training Activities

Version 1.6 introduces a notable change by expanding the daily training activities from six to eight. This expansion offers players increased flexibility in selecting their preferred tasks, allowing them to customize their daily routine according to their preferences.


In response to player feedback, the "Today's Mission" section in Nameless Honor has been removed. Instead, "This Week's Missions" have been revamped into stackable quests, offering up to 4900 Nameless EXP. These changes are aimed at streamlining the mission structure for a better gaming experience.

A significant addition to the material system is the introduction of Tears of Dreams, a universal path material. This new resource simplifies the process of unlocking traces and ascending light cones, as it can replace path and trace materials. Different rarities of materials will consume varying amounts of Tears of Dreams. Additionally, Hoyoverse is generously gifting 150 Tears of Dreams to trailblazers through in-game mail.


The latest update 1.6 brings significant enhancements to the challenge stages and navigation system in Honkai Star Rail.

  • Challenge stages have been optimized with time-limited access to ascension materials and trace materials domains for characters. Players can now access these resources from the interastral peace guide before unlocking the corresponding stages, adding a new layer of strategy to the game.

  • The navigation system has been revamped to make exploring warring expedition and exploratory excursion easier. Players can now follow designated routes within these areas, reducing the likelihood of getting lost during exploration. This improvement enhances the overall gaming experience and allows players to focus more on the gameplay itself.


Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

Oneiric Shards are a crucial resource in Honkai Star Rail, serving as the key to upgrading and enhancing the skills of Valkyries and Stigmata, thereby boosting the power levels of characters. Players seeking to obtain these valuable shards can do so through various in-game activities such as completing story missions, earning event rewards, and engaging in daily missions or competitive modes like Abyss or Memorial Arena. For those looking to expedite their progress, a Honkai Star Rail top up can be performed on game trading platforms, allowing for the direct purchase of Oneiric Shards with real currency, ensuring a quicker and more streamlined enhancement of their gaming experience.

Buy Oneiric Shard from LootBar

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How to Top Up Honkai Star Rail on LootBar

To initiate the Star Rail top up process for Oneiric Shards on the LootBar trading platform, start by navigating to the official LootBar website at https://lootbar.gg . Once there, select your preferred language and currency type, and make sure you're logged into your account. This ensures a smooth and personalized transaction experience. '

Next, locate the top-up column on the website, which is designed for boosting your game's resources. Choose 'Top Up' and then select 'Honkai: Star Rail' from the list of available games. Determine the amount of Oneiric Shards or the Express Supply Pass that you wish to purchase and click on the “Top-up Now” button. Following this, you will be prompted to provide your server details along with your Star Rail UID and Character Name to ensure the top up goes to the correct account. Finally, click on the 'Top-up' button, select your preferred payment method, and proceed to make the payment to complete the top up Star Rail process.


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