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Bhojpuri is the language of the people of Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh in India. It's been spoken in this region for over 100 years and has its own literature, music, dance, and culture. Today there are no known living native speakers left but it is still used by many people who have learned it as a second language.

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Bhojpuri Celebrities

Bhojpuri celebs are well known for their acting skills in the Bhojpuri film industry. Many of them have established themselves as leading actors and actresses of Indian cinema.

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Bhojpuri Politicians

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Political Leaders - Bihar Politics News, Latest Updates & Breaking News

Bhojpuri Songs

You can search for Bhojpuri songs and listen to them. You can also download the songs you like, share them with your friends and make your own profile to share some of your favorite songs.

Bhojpuri Movies

Bhojpuri movies, Bhojpuri movie actors, Bhojpuri movie actresses, Bhojpuri movie songs, and many more news related to Bhojpuri movies are on this page.

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Bhojpuri Entertainment

The Bhojpuri community is a very vibrant one and it's growing day by day. There are many entertainment channels that cater to the needs of people belonging to this community. Some of these include,

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The following are some popular sites that provide information on all aspects related to entertainment in the Hindi language:

Bhojpuri and Hindi Posts and Photos, Like and Comments, Follow your friends and celebrities to get their latest updates.

Bhojpuri and Hindi Posts and Photos, Like and Comments, Follow your friends and celebrities to get their latest updates.

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You can get the latest news, gossip, and information about Bhojpuri and Hindi celebrities, movies, songs, and entertainment.

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